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Benefits of Concrete Pumping.


A cost-effective and flexible choice, there are many advantages to hiring a concrete pumping service. Due to the precise and controlled placement of the concrete, you’re increasing the efficiency of the timeline because there is a reduced need for manual labour and potential errors as the concrete pump can reach areas that may be challenging to access with traditional methods. This option means the truck equipped with the pump will be able to move around obstacles, over rough terrain and even gain access to remote locations and high-rise buildings. The supply of concrete is also quicker as pumping speeds up the process and lowers concrete waste thanks to its controlled nature.


Our Range of Concrete Pumps & Trucks


From large construction sites to small ones, our value from one construction company to the next is our versatility in concrete pumps and trucks. Our impressive range of vehicles and equipment is managed by a dedicated pump operator who will take care of the boom pumps and line pumps and the supply and delivery of the material whilst causing as little disruption as possible. Our ability to pump concrete in areas of minimal movability and hard-to-access locations demonstrates our accuracy, skill and ability in delivery. Our knowledgeable team is on hand to guide and advise on what choice is best for you.


Concrete Pump Technology


Throughout all of the services and products provided by Rock Solid Concrete, whether that is site visits, concrete and screed, foundations, testing or concrete pumping, we deliver the highest standard of customer service using the latest technologies. We always have our finger on the pulse of new industry insights and developments, that’s why we’re a first choice for many clients and customers. Our fully qualified operators help streamline the process of concrete pumping by producing and supplying the exact quantities required to minimise waste and time, making sure that your deadline is on track. Flexible to your schedule whilst remaining competitively priced, our concrete pumping services offer a solution for each task.