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Benefits of ready-mix concrete

There are many advantages to ready-mix concrete for your construction project over other materials. Firstly, it saves time and labour by eliminating the requirement for on-site mixing, therefore reducing the need for storing and handling materials on-site thanks to our dedicated delivery service. It also helps to reduce waste as it is pre-mixed at our controlled facility which makes for a consistent concrete quality thanks to the measures we have in place for optimum results. Finally, for larger construction projects it offers a cost-effective option due to the amount being ordered in bulk according to your specifications.


Our ready-mix concrete services

Rock Solid Concrete’s state-of-the-art ready mix plant in Coventry is our dedicated facility to premix our high-quality concrete. Providing our professional team with the opportunity to mix any recipe of concrete for your construction application we meet your expectations by matching the exact amount required for your budget and specifications. Our impressive plant can produce 50m3 plus an hour allowing us to cater for large quantities. Following the mixing process we’ll then transport the concrete with our fleet of drum mixer trucks which can hold up to 8m3 of loads on a day and time that suits your best at your desired location.

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Ready Mix Site visit FAQs


Is there a minimum order I need to request?


At Rock Solid Concrete we understand that each construction project is unique and requires varying amounts of materials. That’s why you only pay for what you need with our quality pre-mixed concrete. That way there is no waste and you’re receiving the exact amount of concrete needed for the job.


Who do you supply ready-mixture concrete to?


Providing concrete delivery from our base in Coventry we supply to small ground workers, farms, major civil engineering projects, DIY projects and domestic driveways, making access to high-quality concrete easy for all.


How much concrete will I need?


If you’re ensure of the amount of concrete you need for your project, our easy-to-use concrete calculator allows you to input length, width and depth for a concise measurement required.


Where do you deliver to?


Our ready-mix concrete can be delivered to Coventry, Nuneaton, Hinckley, Leamington Spa and the surrounding areas.


How far in advance do I need to put an order in?


It’s always beneficial to make an enquiry or put in an order as soon as you know how much concrete you need and when for. We always aim to please and can deliver with 24 hours’ notice, so it’s always worth a call to see how quickly we can assist. 

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Call us now on – 02476 361 448