When working on a construction project it’s essential to know your exact concrete requirements whilst also purchasing from a high-quality supplier that uses the finest materials and provides an efficient and effective delivery service.

That’s why our site visits are a beneficial service to assist you during the construction process. Our technical sales representatives are dedicated to meeting you on-site to fully understand your specifications, offer expert advice and guidance on concrete measurements and answer any technical questions you may have. 

Each visit is tailored to your needs where we’ll be able to discuss how we can support your project and what steps are best to take next.

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In order to have a successful construction project, site visits provide a variety of advantages to help you achieve this.

From assessing the site conditions by looking at the terrain during a concrete site inspection, accessibility and any potential issues, we’re also able to find out more about the scope of the task by reviewing plans, checking for any discrepancies and also having a good understanding of your requirements.

We’ll then be able to note precise measurements to provide a comprehensive quote for the right amount of concrete needed to avoid any waste in a cost-effective manner. Carrying out a site visit is a valuable opportunity to get an expert opinion for a seamless process.

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The site visit process


A bespoke service that is tailored to your needs, from your first call we’ll discuss your requirements and book in a dedicated time for the on-site consultation which will be carried out by one of our technical sales representatives.

Highly experienced in this area with professional experience in site visits for a wide range of construction projects we’ll be able to provide honest and transparent advice on how much concrete will be needed in quantity and what type in particular. During this time we can also provide guidance on the best methods to use for a successful build and can schedule a delivery time and factor in any potential issues regarding access and technical assistance.


Site visit FAQs


Why do I need a concrete site visit?


When planning a construction project it’s important to have a project assessment to future-proof yourself against any potential issues. That’s why a concrete site visit is a beneficial service because it allows you to get expert advice on how to access and use concrete safely, how much is needed, strength, durability and availability for your dedicated tasks. They’ll also be able to offer impartial and professional insights into how to make your construction as high quality as possible and aid better project management.


How early should I have a site visit carried out?


It’s advised that a site visit should be done towards the early planning stages so that you get a confident understanding of the conditions of the site and help you plan schedules with ease.


What parts of the site are usually assessed during a visit?


There are a number of different factors our team will take a look at during the visit. This will include safety measures, existing structures, terrain, accessibility, soil conditions and any environmental impact. All of these will have an impact on the success of the project.


What results will come from the visit?


Following a professional visit from a member of our team, they’ll be able to provide expert feedback based on their findings. If some issues are noted then amendments can be made with modifications to schedules, additional safety measures, or changes in material requirements to improve the conditions. This can all be documented in a follow-up site assessment report which can be used as a valuable reference.


How will a site visit make the overall project more cost-effective?


By assessing the conditions and understanding your overall requirements of the project you’ll be able to order the exact amount of concrete needed, therefore reducing the waste of materials but also helping to save on budget by reducing any leftover concrete. Learn more about how we manage this process efficiently through our concrete pumping services.


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