The Technical Team at Rock Solid have over 20 years of experience. We are able to create specialist concrete mixes to meet your specification. Over the years Rock Solid have provided specialist mixes for piling, vertical slip form, early setting concrete to name a few.

We have the capability of making bespoke mix designs for your application.

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Concrete Mix Designs  

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the Technical Team at Rock Solid can create specialist concrete mixes to your exact specifications. From mixes for piling to vertical slip form and early-setting concrete, we cater for all needs and volumes. We are dedicated to engineering the highest quality concrete for any construction project and work according to your schedule to ensure that everything runs seamlessly from start to finish. Covering areas across Coventry, Leamington Spa, Hinckley and Nuneaton we deliver to your location with our fleet of drum mixers and volumetric mixers to provide the best results for the job. 


What are the Advantages of Specialist Concrete Mixes?  

There are several benefits to specialist concrete mixes such as specific setting times, enhanced durability, resistance to specific environmental conditions and overall improved strength. Produced for applications such as underwater structures, piling and high-temperature environments, our specialist concrete mixes will perform outstandingly for your project.  

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Why Choose Rock Solid?   

Highly regarded in the industry for our customer service and quality products, our unmatched expertise lies in our decades of serving clients and exceeding their expectations. We understand that every project is unique, and that’s why our bespoke mix designs are manufactured for increased workability, durability and strength to achieve a fine balance between performance and budget. Our concrete has a proven track record for withstanding challenging conditions as we only use the best materials that deliver structural integrity and a superior finish. We’re always innovating the services and products we offer, such as incorporating pozzolanic materials and admixtures. Rock Solid Concrete is also committed to sustainability to help reduce our impact on the environment without compromising on performance. As well as providing concrete mix designs, we also provide concrete testing, site visits, ready mix concrete, technical assistance, mix on-site and concrete pumping to give our clients options from the full package.  


Our Specialised Services   

From your first call, we’ll discuss your requirements and take it from there with our highly knowledgeable team who will be able to determine and design your very own concrete mix. Competitively priced and manufactured using the finest materials, we can produce five unique types of concrete. Residential concrete mixed concrete is a great choice for domestic projects such as foundations, pathways and driveways with its strength and outstanding aesthetics, meanwhile, commercial concrete is tailor-made for high-traffic areas due to its durability. Decorative concrete is a custom solution for polished, stamped or stained projects, whilst our eco-friendly option is a sustainable choice that uses recycled materials and has a rescued carbon footprint. There is plenty of choice when it comes to optimised concrete blends from Rock Solid Concrete, and we’re always on hand to provide our expert guidance. 


Our Commitment  

As an independent supplier of concrete that works with a wide range of clients from domestic to commercial, major civil engineering projects, farms and small groundworks, we’re committed to delivering high-quality concrete that is fit for purpose. We pride ourselves on our customer service which is to a high level of satisfaction thanks to our efficient and effective service to your location, on time every time. Our ability to design custom concrete formulations is all part of the success of your overall outcomes. This is due to the durability, longevity and quality of the materials created by our highly experienced team.  

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Concrete Mix FAQs

As with any construction project, it’s important to understand why our concrete materials are essential to any construction project small or large, and we’re always happy to provide advice on the process for your specialist area.  


What is concrete mix design?  

The foundations of any construction project start with a concrete mix design that features a number of suitable ingredients for the task. This includes determining the right quantities so that the concrete has a certain amount of durability, workability and strength, all at the right cost. The importance of this lies in that different projects require set properties to suit the environment and also how quickly the concrete needs to set. That’s why Rock Solid Concrete provides bespoke mixes to ensure optimal performance.  


How do I know what type of concrete is best for my project?  

As well as standard features within a construction environment, there can be other factors to bear in mind when purchasing concrete. This includes the need to increase resistance to freeze-thaw cycles or the desired surface finish depending on your required look and style. Our knowledgeable team at Rock Solid Concrete can discuss all these elements and provide leading guidance on what type of concrete is best depending on your specifications.  


What are the most popular types of admixtures?  

Admixtures help to modify the properties of concrete and improve its performance with accelerators to speed up setting time or retarders to slow down if needed. There are also ways to enhance workability, to boost the durability and strength of concrete mixes.  


Is there such a thing as eco-friendly concrete?

There certainly is. It’s important for construction works to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, therefore concrete mix designs can include recycled materials such as fly ash or slag to reduce CO2 emissions. There are also ways to use less cement by incorporating eco-friendly admixtures whilst still maintaining a high-quality product. At Rock Solid Concrete we operate with sustainable practices during our concrete mix design and production process as part of our greener construction methodologies and sustainable mission.

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