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Advanced Concrete Testing Services

Whilst some construction and DIY projects are straightforward, there are instances where technical assistance from a trusted contractor such as Rock Solid Concrete is key. We provide a wealth of experience in a variety of areas to assist in the success of your advanced concrete application.


Curing Concrete

A process that involves scientific and practical aspects to achieve a high standard of strength and durability, curing concrete helps to protect concrete from the damaging consequences that wind, frost, hot sun and dry air could cause. It’s designed to ensure the safety of your build by preventing the evaporation of water and maintaining moisture. It can also help to minimise thermal contraction whilst producing an aesthetically pleasing surface finish. Applicable for horizontal and vertical surfaces, concrete starts to evaporate moisture within the first 24 hours so it’s important to begin the process as soon as possible with the entire curing period taking between three to seven days.


Thermal Management in Concrete

For concrete thicker than 0.5m, thermal management may be required to stop thermal cracking or thermal shock. This happens when there is a temperature difference between the outer edge and the middle part of the concrete which causes the damage. To avoid timely and costly issues such as cracking, thermal management limits the differential temperature to around a 20ºc between the outside and the middle. This may vary depending on the type of aggregate that is used, but our expert and highly knowledgeable team will be able to assist with the figures. This is particularly beneficial for large-scale projects and temperature-sensitive environments as we can calculate the correct thermal properties to assist with an efficient and effective project. Concrete expansion joints can also help as they provide a gap for the concrete to contract and expand according to the temperature.


Addressing Colour Variation in Concrete

As concrete can be sold and produced in a range of colours, the variable of materials used during manufacture is what influences the finished product. Depending on the source of the aggregate will determine the colour of the concrete, particularly particles less than ~150µm which will have an influence as it acts as a pigment. Also, the amount of water used in the concrete mixture will have an effect with drier concrete producing a darker result and more water for lighter outcomes. Another factor is if the formwork is left in place for a prolonged time the concrete will also be of a darker shade. For structural uniformity and a consistent aesthetic finish, concrete can take up to six months when suitable for assessing colour.

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Basement Weatherproofing Systems

As more homeowners and builders are searching at alternative options to increase the size of their property, basements are becoming an attractive option to transform and maximise space. The advancements in waterproofing technologies for concrete basements have been a welcome development as they ensure your basement will be protected from water getting into the structure. It’s essential that this process is carried out according to The British Standard BS 8102:2022 code of practice for protecting structures below ground level. Our dedicated watertight concrete and basement waterproofing system means not only are you compliant but that your property has long-term protection against moisture.


Understanding Concrete Constituents

With every concrete formula, there are three key materials – cement, water and aggregate. However, for the type of concrete you’re looking to achieve there are other additions such as fibres, polymers, pigments and admixtures which can help to modify the concrete. Each of the three prime materials is essential to the success of your build. Cement mixed with water helps to develop the strong base material we’re familiar with and binds the aggregate particles. Meanwhile, aggregate plays an important role as it has thermal expansion, has strong properties and is workable for a variety of needs. Concrete mix design is carried out by our dedicated team who are on hand to discuss your specific requirements and outcomes.


What is Regen (Cement Replacement)

If you’re looking for a cement substitution that is more environmentally friendly than concrete, Regen is a perfect choice. Manufactured with a by-product from the iron-making sector it is also known as ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) which is more sustainable than Fly Ash. Thanks to its recyclable assets, construction project managers can reduce their environmental impact whilst still maintaining benefits such as long-term durability and resistance to deterioration, reduced heat of hydration, and a reduced requirement for maintenance over time. Plus it is compliant with regulatory standards and specifications for complete peace of mind.


Cold Weather Placement of Concrete

Temperatures can have a severe effect during concrete curing and production. Cold weather in particular can be hazardous for young concrete because if exposed to levels below freezing point it may be unfit for use in your construction project. This is due to the slower rate of setting compared to warmer environments, and the chance that it could freeze and become damaged. It’s vital that concrete is protected from temperatures lower than 5ºC during curing and precautions must be taken seriously for effective results. Rock Solid Concrete will be able to assist with this challenge and provide optimal solutions for successful outcomes.

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