At Rock Solid we operate state of the art volumetric concrete mixers, capable of delivering 7m3 in any one delivery. This allows us to batch your concrete requirement on site and to BSI standards. If you require a bit less, or a bit more, we can accommodate you on site. And you only pay for what you receive.

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On-Site Concrete Mixing Solutions for Coventry, Leamington Spa, Hinckley and Nuneaton

Leading the way in on-site concrete mixing, Rock Solid Concrete provides high-quality solutions for clients across Coventry, Leamington Spa, Hinckley and Nuneaton catering to a wide variety of clients. We understand the importance of having an efficient and effective service for your construction project that takes away the hassle of getting the materials you need on time and meets the finest of standards for successful outcomes. Our innovative volumetric mobile mixers are what enable us to provide large amounts of ready-mixed concrete that is produced on-site to your exact requirements and schedule so that your timeline runs like clockwork.


Why Rock Solid’s On-Site Mixing Service Stands Out

Our bespoke service is dedicated to delivering concrete made from the finest ingredients directly to your construction site. With over two decades of experience in the industry, our specialist technical team are experts in crafting concrete mixes to suit different construction environments and have a true appreciation of the client’s needs. From piling to slipform construction and quick-set concrete, we have a mix that is perfect for your project.

By being able to offer tailored adjustments and set amounts of concrete we’re able to help you eliminate waste and only pay for what you use. Rock Solid not only provide a cost-effective offering but also takes into consideration our environmental impact with sustainable practices. With every custom concrete blending creation we make, we guarantee optimal strength, consistency and freshness, so you’ll never receive second-hand or unwanted concrete that is premature to curing. The superior structural integrity of each mix means that you’re receiving concrete with enhanced performance that will contribute to impeccable results for your build. Whether you’re undertaking a small or large project our adaptability enables us to help support you regardless of the project’s scale of specificity whilst adhering to UK standards and regulations.


Our Comprehensive Services

At Rock Solid Concrete, we operate state-of-the-art volumetric concrete mixers, capable of delivering 7m3 in any one delivery. This allows us to batch your concrete requirement on-site and to BSI standards. We’re not just a one-size-fits-all solution, we truly take on board your requirements and deliver fresh concrete production services to suit your project. From driveway and home foundations to garden paths, we assist domestic and residential clients with our fresh concrete production that makes sure your foundations are durable. We also cater to commercial projects which are in need of large quantities of quality concrete that meets stringent standards. Finally, our specialist concrete solutions demonstrate our vast offering by producing mixes for unique project needs such as high-strength, rapid-setting and decorative finishes.


Our Commitment

Well regarded for our outstanding customer service that goes above and beyond for complete satisfaction, Rock Solid Concrete is committed to excellence and exceeding expectations when it comes to delivering bespoke concrete mixes that complement your design and vision. We’re equipped for each task with our high-tech volumetric mixers which allow for continuous pouring which not only enhances project timelines but also helps to reduce delays. Our mobile concrete mixtures allow for adjustments in real-time, unlike ready-mix concrete which is produced centrally and then transported to your location, enabling an effective service that supports your construction goals.

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Concrete Mix FAQs


How does on-site concrete mixing differ from traditional ready-mixed concrete?

The great asset about on-site concrete mixing is that it involves mixing fresh concrete on location right in front of your very eyes using specialist volumetric mixers. Unlike traditional ready-mixed concrete which is prepared in advance, this method means that the concrete is mixed to your exact specifications and if needed allows for adjustments if needed. Not only does this limit waste, but it also promises to be fresh and you only pay for how much you use.


Can Rock Solid Concrete produce custom mix designs for specific projects?

Yes, we can. Our technical team are experts in this field after building up over 20 years of experience in the industry. We’ve witnessed the evolution of construction and specialise in creating bespoke mixes that meet your expectations and requirements. This includes mixes for vertical slip form, piling and quick-setting concrete to ensure the best results for your construction.


Is the concrete you provide quality controlled?

At Rock Solid Concrete, we pride ourselves on the products we supply. Our dedicated on-site mixing process utilises computerised controls that ensure all ingredients are measured accurately to optimal quality, quantity and performance. We carry out stringent quality control checks to demonstrate our dedication to delivering elite concrete that has maximum strength and durability and complies with BSI standards and regulations.


Is on-site concrete mixing just for commercial projects?

Not at all. On-site concrete mixing is a versatile service that Rock Solid Concrete provide and one that can accommodate projects large and small. From residential items such as driveways and foundations to bigger commercial and infrastructure projects, we cater for all. If you need guidance on what type of concrete is best for your project then our knowledgeable team can provide leading guidance on what option is best for you. Plus you can also use our concrete calculator to check the exact quantities you may need.

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